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Who we are

Founded in 2021, the UK Pantomime Association is a charity that explores, shares and celebrates pantomime by investigating the genre’s rich past, engaging with contemporary practice and inspiring the future.

Our Aims


Celebrate excellence through Annual Pantomime Awards.


A hub for panto practice, history, traditions and culture.


Champion pantomime as an important British artform.


Inspire through workshops, talks, and special events.


Winners announced for The Pantomime Awards

Hosted by UK Pantomime Association President Christopher Biggins, a total of 27 awards were presented with categories ranging from Best Ugly Sisters to Best Sound Design and Best Pantomime.  Audience members were treated to performances by Gracie McGonigal, Myra...

UKPA Interview on Box Office Radio

We were delighted to appear on Box Office Radio this week to discuss the 2022 nominations for The Pantomime Awards. You can listen to the clip here: