The Pantomime Awards Title Art

2021/22 Season

After a turbulent year for the Arts, The Pantomime Awards were back. Our team of judges were on the road travelling from Aberdeen to Aylesbury, Belfast to Bognor and Cardiff to Canterbury. 

A team of 46 judges was recruited by the newly formed UK Pantomime Association which developed a set of criteria for the awards in collaboration with industry experts such as designer Terry Parsons, writer Joyce Branagh and performer Lisa D Phillip.

The short list of nominees were revealed during March 2022 with the awards ceremony to take place in April.

Award Categories

Best Dame

Best Comic

The Barbara Windsor Best Principal Boy

Best Principal Girl

The Carmen Silvera Best Mythical Being

Best Villain

Best Ugly Sisters

Best Supporting Artist

Best Ensemble

Best Script

Best Direction

Best Choreography

Best Musical Direction

Best Costume Design

Best Set Design

Best Lighting Design

Best Sound Design

Best Panto (Digital)

Best Panto (Small)

Best Panto (Medium)

Best Panto (Large)

Plus Special Awards TBA

2021/22 Awards Criteria is available via on request.

Venue Map

Between 13th November 2021 and 26th January 2022, 207 venues were visited to determine the winners of the awards including Best Dame, Best Villain, Best Supporting Artist and Best Script. In addition, three shows will be crowned Best Pantomime depending on the venue’s capacity. 

Take a look at all of the venues we visited here: 

How are the winners of the pantomime awards decided?

The UK Pantomime Association issues an open call and recruits judges with relevant experience such as pantomime professionals, journalists, reviewers and seasoned audience members. For the 2021/2022 season, 46 judges saw 207 pantomimes, each scoring the shows across awards categories in line with a marking criteria that has been developed in consultation with industry experts.

We aim to cover all professional shows over the winter season that agree to be part of the awards with a venue capacity of over 400 seats and a minimum run of 10 performances. Other shows may be included at our discretion and judge availability. This year judge attendance was restricted by Covid show cancellations, shortened runs and judge unavailability due to Covid or illness.

Once reviewed and submitted, the judges’ scores are then collated, reviewed, and, in line with UKPA principles, used to inform a long list created by the Awards Panel Chair and Vice Chair.

Judges are then invited to a conference to discuss the longlists, with those unable to attend invited to send any comments in via email. Judges’ feedback, along with their scores and UKPA principles is then considered by the Awards Panel comprising of a mix of UKPA Trustees and Judges. The Awards Panel decides the shortlists and winners.

The Awards Panel

Robert Marsden

Awards Panel Chair & UKPA Trustee

Susie McKenna

Awards Panel Vice Chair & UKPA Trustee

Simon Sladen

Chair of UKPA Trustees & Judge

Sam Munday-Webb

Vice Chair of UKPA Trustees & Judge

Linda Bradley

UKPA Trustee

Caroline Elsey

UKPA Judge

Roman Stefanski

UKPA Judge

Rebecca Vines

UKPA Judge

Sarah Pamphilion

UKPA Judge

Rosy May

UKPA Judge