UK Pantomime Association Achieves Charity Status

The UK Pantomime Association is delighted to share news that it has achieved recognised Charity Status. 

The new charity has been established to:

  • Advance the education of the public in the genre of pantomime including raising public appreciation of the genre 
  • Provide awards for excellence 
  • Facilitate training and workshops to enable individuals to create works of artistic excellence
  • Educate the public about pantomime’s practice, history, traditions, and culture. 

The first big event for the charity will be the UK Pantomime Association’s annual awards ceremony scheduled for Tuesday 19th April 2022. Over 200 productions were visited by 47 judges during pantomime season 2021/2022 with awards in over twenty categories ranging from Best Dame to Best Sound Design. 

The ceremony is set to be held at a soon to be disclosed venue in London’s West End and will be hosted by UK Pantomime Association President Christopher Biggins. Nomination shortlists will be announced via the UK Pantomime Association’s social media channels in March. 

Future plans for the charity include ‘In Conversation’ events with leading pantomime practitioners and the establishment of an annual ‘Panto-Con’ (Pantomime Convention) comprising workshops, masterclasses, exhibits and demonstrations. The UK Pantomime Association will also seek to expand its website as a hub for those interested and involved in pantomime. 

“Achieving charity status is an extremely proud moment for all involved with the UK Pantomime Association. Pantomime plays such an important role in the theatrical landscape that it deserves great recognition and respect. We look forward to exploring, sharing and celebrating pantomime’s rich history and practice through our annual awards and events programme as we investigate the past, engage with the present and inspire future generations.”

Simon Sladen, Chair, UK Pantomime Association